Ngati Paoa Trust Board

Iwi Membership Registration

E kore au e ngaro te kakano i ruia mai i Rangiatea
All people who affiliate to Ngati Paoa by whakapapa are encourage to register with the Ngati Paoa Trust Board to reaffirm and strengthen whanau, hapuu and iwi links.

Every person who can trace descent by birth from Paoa, the founding ancestor of Ngati Paoa is entitled to be on the Ngati Paoa Iwi register.

It is the responsibility of the Trust Board to maintain a register of the adult members of Ngati Paoa. The register of membership maintained by the Trust Board is the only valid register of Ngati Paoa Membership.

As a result if you whakapapa to Paoa or believe that you may whakapapa to Paoa, the Trust Board invites you to register your interest for Ngati Paoa Membership.

Please contact us to obtain a membership form.

  • Updates
    Receive updates regarding Ngati Paoa settlement negotiations, and important matter relevant to or affecting the iwi of Ngati Paoa
  • Huis
    Be invited to Huis, Hui-a-Iwis, Meetings and other important events relating to or affecting the iwi of Ngati Paoa
  • Vote
    Entitled to vote on important Ngati Paoa matters
  • Build
    Build a strong iwi
  • Funding
    Assessing future marae allocation funding